Take a Rubbish Survey!

Take a Rubbish Survey!

Lambeth are launching an updated waste and recycling strategy for Lambeth, and they want to know what you think about it. The survey ends on the 10th June 2019.

Lambeth say this:

What is the strategy about?

The Strategy is about how we collect and manage your rubbish and recycling. Since it was launched in 2011, together we have increased Lambeth’s recycling rate to 30% (2017/18) – that’s 4th place out of the 13 Inner London Boroughs.

However, with coming changes to the law and the high cost of waste disposal (in 2017/18 Lambeth disposed of 55,625 tonnes of household waste at a cost of £8 million) the strategy needs to be updated. We have been looking at ways of helping residents on estates to reduce, reuse and recycle more by considering:

  • Introducing ‘twin stream’ recycling – collecting paper and card in one recycling container and glass, cans, plastic etc. in a second container;
  • changing the placement of recycling bins to improve recycling; and
  • Introducing food waste collections on estates (where possible).

We have proposed a list of actions to make this happen and we now want to know what you think about them:

  • Are they suitable and sufficient?
  • Are we focussing on the right things?
  • Could we do more and, if so, what?

We also want to hear your ideas about things you and your Community could do to reuse and recycle more as well as to look after your neighbourhood.”

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