8 Albert Embankment Petition

8 Albert Embankment Petition

This is from our local Save Our Sunlight/ Stop the Towers supporters:

After securing nearly 200 objections to U+I’s planning application for 2 monstrous towers at 8 Albert Embankment, we are about to launch our petition to Lambeth Council to bring more public visibility to our campaign to stop the development, calling on them to reject the current application.

To get an overview of what is being planned, visit: http://www.eightalbertembankment.com/

To give the campaign its best shot, we need as many of us as possible to sign the new petition right away! We have others lined up to share the petition with bigger lists and networks, but we want to make sure it’s got some momentum behind it when we do – so that means it’s up to us who are already onside to take the first steps and add our names (and those of anyone we live with or who we would have permission to add) to the petition now, before it starts to circulate more widely.

Here is the link: http://chng.it/nBgGFFCnsc

So get involved! We can stop these towers! Spread the new far and wide, please support the campaign!

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