Changing Gears

Changing Gears

Free Programme of events for people aged 12-21 over August. Please contact Jack:

Workshop 1 – My Story & the consequences Wed 31st July 2pm-3pm
Boxing Week 1 with reflective space Wed 31st July 3pm-4pm
Workshop 2 – Identity and a Sense of Belonging Wed 7th August 2pm-3pm
Boxing Week 2 with reflective space Wed 7th August 3pm-4pm
First buddying meetings on site Thurs 8th August  
Workshop 3 – Conflict resolution      Fri 9th August 2pm-3pm
Football Week 1 – with reflective space Friday 9th August 3pm-4pm
Second buddying meetings on site Tues 13th August  
Workshop 4 – Aspirations and Goal setting Wed 14th August 2pm-3pm
Football Week 2 – with reflective space Wed14th August 3pm-4pm
Third buddying meetings on site Fri 16th August  
Workshop 5 – Personal development plans Tues 20th August 1pm-2pm
Football week 1 with reflective space Tues 20th August 2pm-3pm
Fourth buddying meetings on site Wednesday 21st August  
Workshop 6 – Follow your dreams  Thurs 22nd August 1pm-2pm
Football Week 2 with reflective space Thurs 22nd August 2pm-3pm
Volunteering brokerage Fri 23rd August  

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