Virtual Consultation: New Carmelita Centre

Carmelita and Orsett Sites Proposal

Virtual Consultation: New Carmelita Centre

Thank to ‘I Love Vauxhall’ facebook group for the heads up.

Please check out the new site for the proposed two sites: Orsett Street and The Carmelita Centre.

Go to:

We have yet to digest what this short notice means for everyone in our local community, we would encourage you to take a look and start a conversation with us by email, on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below. At the same time it is vital that we all contact them with our questions (see below).

The real headline is, that there are ‘meetings’ proposed, their dates are:

Carmelita Community Centre:

  • 11am & 5:30pm on Friday 22nd May
  • 10am on Saturday 23rd May

Orsett Street:

  • 1pm and 7pm on Friday 22nd May
  • 12pm on Saturday 23rd May

They say “To join the meetings, a link to the livestream will be available on the day“. It looks like this will not be interactive, but a presentation of questions we have given in advance you can ask questions live as part of the event. They say: “These questions will be read out at the online presentation, your personal details will be kept completely confidential.

The event page is available now:

Post: Freepost RTXU-JGSR-KHLE, Avery Hill, Your Shout, 312 China Works, SE1 7SJ
Phone: 0800 955 1042.

  • Andrew Giaquinto

    Dear all
    Please can I draw your attention to the Issue of the 24 th April of Private Eye magazine in the Rotten Boroughs section page 20, I noticed a news item with the heading DEMOCRACY QUARANTINED!
    It points out that due to the virus the Ministry of housing, communities and local Government, is allowing planning to by-passe the usual process, using Covid-19 as a “smokescreen” To demolish housing estates in Lambert,
    Please can you assure us that in this case no by-passé of the usual planning process has taken place,
    Kind regards

  • carmelitacentre

    Andrew, you are totally right, we need to make sure the questions are asked and answered. its important that we turn up ‘virtually’. There consultation starts at 11am today (with events throughout the day and tomorrow. Just follow the link:

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