The Committee typically meet on a bi-monthly basis, generally on the first Monday of every other month. Please see our bookings calendar for dates.

If you are a VGERTA resident and wish to have an agenda item discussed, then contact the committee chair

Who’s Who

  • Chair – Clare
  • Vice Chair – Carroll
  • Treasurer – Jen
  • Vice Treasurer – Carroll
  • Secretary – Steve
  • Committee Member – Alison
  • Committee Member – Jean
  • Committee Member – Jerome
  • Website – Philippe

Committee Meeting Minutes 2019

Committee Meeting Minutes Archive


The AGM minutes are produced every year after the AGM and then they are submitted to Lambeth for acceptance as part of our yearly registration documents in order to receive our annual funding. These minutes are presented at the next years AGM for approval by the attendees. The AGM minutes are posted on our website after each AGM.

The Carmelita Centre is Closed

Because of the guidance from the government relating to 'social distancing', we have been advised to close the Carmelita Centre.

If you’re self-isolating because of Covid-19/coronavirus: you’re not alone!
Let us know how we can help!

We are a group of volunteers looking to help members of our community through this time of crisis.
We want to make self-isolation easier for you.

Vauxhall Gardens Covid 19 Mutual Aid

Vauxhall Gardens: