Weekly drop-in classes in the Carmelita Centre Vauxhall Mondays at 6.30pm. Please check the website for more details.

The class lasts for 1 ½ hours and includes some deep relaxation at the end.

Cost is £10 drop-in. FREE for residents of the local estate VGERTA (part of the Vauxhall Gardens Estate Residents Tenants Association).

The Carmelita Centre is Closed

Because of the guidance from the government relating to 'social distancing', we have been advised to close the Carmelita Centre.

If you’re self-isolating because of Covid-19/coronavirus: you’re not alone!
Let us know how we can help!

We are a group of volunteers looking to help members of our community through this time of crisis.
We want to make self-isolation easier for you.

Vauxhall Gardens Covid 19 Mutual Aid

Vauxhall Gardens: